Sturdy April Highlights

3 min readMay 6, 2024


April was a phenomenal month for Sturdy! The protocol repeatedly shattered previous TVL records, onboarded projects from across DeFi and benefited from media exposure from various outlets/creators! May is gearing up to be even more exciting, so let’s get caught up and get you prepared for next month.

TVL records

Sturdy shattered two major TVL records, locking over $50 million and $60 million total values for the first time in the protocol’s history! Users have been surging Sturdy to multiply their points for upcoming airdrops from projects like EigenLayer, Mode, Renzo, & EtherFi!


Several of Sturdy’s aggregators were added to Yearn V3’s UI, providing even more ways for users to join the Sturdy ecosystem. The Swell, Sommelier, crvUSD & pxETH vaults were all added to Yearn V3. This is a full-circle moment, as the aggregators are built off of Yearn V3’s backend.

Sturdy onboarded KelpDAO onto the platform, enabling users to lever up Kelp’s rsETH and Pendle-rsETH to lever up and expand their EigenLayer point allocation or bring in major yield with Pendle’s Principal token!

Sturdy onboarded EtherFi’s native weETH. The protocol previously featured the bridged version of weETH, but EtherFi recently updated its contract. EtherFi is currently offering 3x EtherFi points to incentivize users to switch to the new silo while still supplying points to the deprecated pool

Sturdy’s added another asset to the Swell aggregator. Users can now lever up their rswETH PT to earn up to 180% APY using liquidity provided to the aggregator! Pendle’s Principal tokens enable users to forego point systems and benefit from a predefined yield!


Sturdy’s founder, Sam Forman, sat down and chopped it up with the guys from Exit Liquidity. Listen in to get a look at how Sturdy got its start and a glimpse at where the protocol may be headed in the future!

Stephen from DeFi Dojo (AKA Calculator Guy) provided a great run-through of everything Sturdy has to offer Mode farmers to make the most of one of the most anticipated airdrops of the season! Check out his content to stay up to date on all things DeFi.

Notum put together a great write-up on what separates Sturdy from other lending protocols and how to best use the protocol’s unique architecture to securely rake in tons of rewards!

Upcoming (Governance update)

Governance has been BUSY. This month, Sturdy Governance approved:

The deployment of the protocol on LayerX

This would be the second L2 Sturdy has deployed onto and would feature a silo with Renzo’s ezETH

Onboarding Tensoplex Staked TAO Silo

Sturdy’s Bittensor subnet is going live very shortly; this silo enables users to lever up against the decentralized AI protocol Sturdy will use to autonomously determine optimal allocations across aggregators

Onboarding Bedrock Silo and Aggregator

Onboarding Kelp silo onto Mode

Onboard Stakestone Silo onto Mode

Be sure to check out the governance forum and Sturdy’s snapshot page to stay up to date on everything in store for the protocol!

May is gearing up to be another great month for Sturdy so follow the Twitter and hop in the Discord so you don’t miss any of the great opportunities on Sturdy!




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