Sturdy content contest

Following the success of our Strategy and Meme Contests, we’re excited to announce a contest related to informative content about Sturdy! Create a video, infographic, article, or GIF explaining how Sturdy achieves high yield lending & interest-free borrowing to enter.


Total prize: 500 USDC

First: $250

Second: $150

Third: $100

How to participate

1. Follow @sturdyfinance on Twitter

2. Like and quote tweet the pinned post with your content

3. Share your tweet/take with your favorite DeFi community (any Discord/Telegram/Reddit channel with ideally over 500 active members );

4. Submit your post screenshots on Sturdy’s Discord contest channel

Resources & requirements

Any informative content about Sturdy’s mechanics will be eligible (video, article, GIF, infographic, etc.).

To get more ideas and learn about What Sturdy is building, you can read more here: What is Sturdy, About positive-sum lending, Sturdy’s mechanics, Why use Sturdy


The community will vote on Discord for the duration of the contest, however the final choice will be made by the team in terms of originality and quality of the submission.

Join the #contest channel in the Discord to meet your fellow participants and ask any questions.

About Sturdy

Sturdy is a first of its kind DeFi protocol for interest-free borrowing and high yield lending. Rather than charging borrowers interest, Sturdy stakes their collateral and passes the yield to lenders. This model changes the relationship between borrowers and lenders to make Sturdy the first positive-sum lending protocol.

To learn more, you can connect with us on Twitter, Discord, and Medium.




The first DeFi protocol for interest-free borrowing and high yield lending.

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The first DeFi protocol for interest-free borrowing and high yield lending.

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