Sturdy is launching on Fantom mainnet

We’re excited to share that the wait is over! Sturdy is coming to Fantom mainnet on March 21. This launch marks a significant milestone for Sturdy, and we’d like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to our community for supporting us along the way.

We’ve put in a lot of effort into testing the protocol to date, having been deployed on Ethereum Goerli testnet & Fantom testnet for several months with over 100K transactions. Additionally, we’ve completed an audit from CertiK and launched a bug bounty with Immunefi.

Following Sturdy’s Fantom mainnet launch, borrowers will be able to take advantage of feeless loans; there will be no interest or fees to open or close a position, just pay gas. Lenders will receive competitive yields on their stablecoins, paid out in kind (for example if you deposit USDC, your yield will be in USDC).

At launch, we will support USDC and Dai for borrowing / lending. FTM and BOO will be supported for collateral. We’re planning to onboard more collateral and lending assets on Sturdy over the coming weeks, so if there is a specific token you’d like to see please let us know!

We look forward to the growth and broader adoption of Sturdy. Be sure to follow us to learn how Sturdy is reinventing decentralized lending, brick by brick.

About Sturdy

Sturdy is a first of its kind DeFi protocol for interest-free borrowing and high yield lending. Rather than charging borrowers interest, Sturdy stakes their collateral and passes the yield to lenders. This model changes the relationship between borrowers and lenders to make Sturdy the first positive-sum lending protocol.

To learn more, you can connect with us on Medium, Twitter, and Discord.




The first DeFi protocol for interest-free borrowing and high yield lending.

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The first DeFi protocol for interest-free borrowing and high yield lending.

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