Sturdy May Highlights

5 min readJun 8, 2024


May was a monumental month for Sturdy! The protocol began using decentralized machine learning to determine optimal allocations with aggregators, received a grant from a DeFi powerhoues, was awarded a Mode DevDrop allocation, and integrated new assets to the protocol.

A lot was going on; let’s look back to ensure you didn’t miss anything!

Sturdy Bittensor subnet

Sturdy’s Bittensor subnet (SN10) is now live on Mainnet! The subnet helps determine the optimal allocation between silos within a given aggregator. Miners on the subnet develop custom asset allocations that attempt to maximize yields. Bittensor validators run these allocations through simulations to determine which produces the highest yield and then pass the best one on to the application, which rebalances assets accordingly.

That means you can lend assets like WETH or crvUSD to an aggregator and soak up great yields without having to rebalance allocations between silos manually. Best of all, the subnet is open to be integrated into other dApps beyond Sturdy and help move all of DeFi forward!

Sturdy’s founder, Sam Forman, caught up the Bittensor Guru to discuss everything the subnet has to offer on a recent podcast episode; check it out here!

GHO Grant

Sturdy was awarded a grant by Aave Grants to create an aggregator for GHO managed by the Sturdy Bittensor subnet (SN10)

GHO is a flexible, decentralized, overcollateralized stablecoin on Ethereum created by Aave.

This integration will enable users to leverage Curve GHO LP tokens as collateral, improving liquidity for GHO and providing users with a better means of capturing yield from the LP tokens.

Users can also lend to the GHO aggregator to earn AI-optimized yields, thanks to Sturdy’s bittensor subnet, on top of GHO incentives from Aave Grants and STRDY!

Sturdy’s Gone Permissionless!

Governance approved the permissionless deployment of new siloes and aggregators. That means no more waiting on discussions and votes to use the latest assets on Sturdy, simply deploy a new silo and/or aggregator! This is possible due to Sturdy’s unique two-tier architecture, which isolates risk between siloed lending pairs while unifying liquidity via the native aggregation layer. So don’t worry, even if degens onboard riskier assets, your position in other aggregators is completely isolated! More info on how to permissionlessly deploy silos/aggregators coming soon.

DevDrop Distributed

Sturdy was awarded a cache of photons and orbs for deploying on Mode and helping to drive traffic to the network. The NFTs were distributed to members of the Sturdy ecosystem over the past month. Check out all the details of the distribution here.

Didn’t qualify for an allocation? No worries, keep an eye out as future DevDrops are distributed!

Linea ezETH integration

Sturdy recently launched on Linea! The network is an EVM L2 that delivers unrivaled network security with its cryptographically secure zk-rollup infrastructure, comprehensive security partnerships, and security-oriented ecosystem culture.

Sturdy deployed a silo featuring Renzo’s ezETH on Linea following the massive demand for ezETH on Mode. That means users can leverage the most popular asset on Sturdy to farm rewards from Linea, a still nascent L2.


Now that MODE, the native token for the Mode network, is live, Sturdy has a silo enabling users to use their MODE as collateral against WETH to lever up and earn up to 20x Mode points! WETH lenders can earn healthy yields and get 2x Mode points.

StakeStone Integration

StakeStone is a liquidity layer infrastructure that connects the consensus layer and application layer in the multi-chain era to build an omnichain liquidity distribution network. STONE is the yield-bearing ETH issued by StakeStone. It is a rebalancing, OFT-standard token.

Sturdy deployed a silo and aggregator on Mode featuring STONE as collateral and WETH as the lending asset to enable users to lever up on the yield-bearing asset while collecting Mode points.

Kelp wrsETH Integration

Kelp DAO is a liquid restaking protocol built on top of EigenLayer. It allows users to restake their ETH and LSTs (stETH, ETHx, and sfrxETH) and participate in the DeFi ecosystem with the help of rsETH; users can hold (w)rsETH to accrue rewards, including @EigenLayer points and Kelp Miles.

Sturdy’s deployment of a wrsETH silo complements the Kelp offerings on mainnet, and enabless users to earn up to 20x Mode and Kelp Miles, plus 10x EigenLayer points with negligible gas fees thanks to Mode Network!

May was a busy month for Sturdy, and there’s no sign of slowing down. The protocol will continue to evolve, brick by brick, so keep an eye on Twitter, Telegram and Discord so you don’t miss a beat!




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