🚀 Sturdy V2 Content Challenge 🚀

2 min readApr 5, 2024


Sturdy Finance is excited to unveil the Sturdy V2 Content Challenge! We’re on the lookout for creative minds spread the word about the revolutionary features of Sturdy V2. Dive into the innovative world of modular DeFi lending with us and share your insights on how Sturdy V2 is transforming the landscape. Whether you’re a content creator, a finance enthusiast, or someone passionate about the DeFi ecosystem, this is your chance to showcase your knowledge and creativity.

🏆 Prizes

Total Prize Pool: $1,000 in $STRDY Tokens

First Place: $500 in $STRDY

Second Place: $300 in $STRDY

Third Place: $200 in $STRDY

🔍 How to Participate

Create Your Content: Develop engaging, informative content about Sturdy V2. This can be a video, blog post, infographic, or any other creative medium that can educate the community about Sturdy V2’s features, benefits, and impact on the DeFi world.

Share on Social Media: Post your content on social media platforms such as Twitter,Youtube, Tiktok. Use the hashtags #SturdyV2Challenge, $STRDY, and tag @sturdyfinance to ensure we see your entry.

📝 Resources & Requirements

Authenticity: All submissions must be original content created by the participant.

Educational Value: The content should accurately represent the features and benefits of Sturdy V2, focusing on educating the community about its innovative lending and borrowing mechanisms.

Engagement: We’re looking for content that is not only informative but also engaging and easy to understand for both new and experienced users in the DeFi space.

To help you get started, we recommend reviewing our detailed documentation on Sturdy V2, available here: https://sturdyfinance.medium.com/introducing-sturdy-v2-4a0135aca675. This will provide you with all the information you need to create compelling content.

🗳 Voting & Selection

The Sturdy Finance core-contributors will review all submissions, with a focus on originality, accuracy, and the ability to engage and educate the audience. The community will also have a chance to vote for their favorite entries via our Discord channel, contributing to the final decision.

📅 Timeline

Submission Deadline: May 5th
Community Voting: May 7th-10th
Winners Announced: May 12th

Join the #contest channel in our Discord to meet fellow participants, share ideas, and ask any questions.

We look forward to your creative and informative takes on Sturdy V2. Let’s build a more educated and engaged DeFi community together. Good luck to all participants!

Stay Connected

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Discord: https://discord.gg/vF7e5VQ39Z

Medium: https://medium.com/@sturdyfinance

Galaxe: https://app.galxe.com/quest/sturdyfinance/

Zealy: https://zealy.io/cw/sturdy/questboard




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