Sturdy’s Mode DevDrop Distribution

2 min readMay 3, 2024


Users have been flocking to Sturdy to multiply their points for projects like Renzo, EtherFi, and Mode. But Sturdy on Mode is about to get even better!

Sturdy’s allocating the entirety of the Mode DevDrop to the community!

The Mode DevDrop, the precursor to the Mode airdrop, has been all over everyone’s radar lately. The initiative distributes special edition NFTs on the Mode network to commemorate its rapid growth and reward community members for their support. Sturdy was chosen to receive a large cache of Photons and Orbs, the two tiers of NFTs in the Mode DevDrop. The NFTs will be converted to $MODE down the line; they’re your shot to get even more $MODE beyond the point program.

Sturdy is one of only 16 protocols that will benefit from DevDrop, and the entire allocation will go to the community!

DevDrop Distribution

Both current and future members will be rewarded for using Mode on Sturdy. Everything will be taken into account, from deposit size to the amount of time.

Here’s a breakdown of how the DevDrop will be distributed:

  • 40% of the NFTs will retroactively reward past users based on length of time deposited and deposit amount..
  • 20% of the NFTs will be distributed among our social community, i.e., Brick Gang members and KOLs who have helped spread the word about Sturdy.
  • 40% of the NFTs will be used as incentives for future users based on length of time deposited and deposit amount.

This distribution plan rewards the Sturdy community while also promoting the future growth of the protocol.

And remember, it’s not too late to start farming Mode points on Sturdy, especially with the extra incentives from the DevDrop! Users who want to get involved in Sturdy’s Brick Gang can check out the Sturdy V2 content contest and show your followers everything Sturdy has to offer!




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